Back to School?

School started back at State yesterday. School started back at Johnston Community College (where I got my Associates Degree) on Monday. School will start back for all of Johnston County Schools next Wednesday.

I’m freaking jealous of the kids/college students who are going back. I know, I could have gone to grad school, but silly me was determined to get some real-world experience and find a job before spending even more time at school.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m actually liking the job search, even though I’ve been rejected numerous times already. I’ve learned a lot about myself and the real world already.

I told my brother and my best friend that I’d go back to school in their place, because they’ve both been considerably less than enthusiastic about resuming their studies.

I feel like a real nerd for missing school so much, but I guess that comes from having spent the past 17 years in some educational institution. School was my entire life and now job seeking is my entire life.

Maybe I need to get a life, haha! Nope, I definitely need to get a life. That’s one of the reasons I decided not to immediately go to grad school – because I need to break away from the idea that school is my life.

And that concludes my back-to-school special rant. Enjoy your day!