Pets, Part III

This is Dixie, our oldest pet (and freshly brushed in the picture):

She’s a part Yorkie, part poodle (so we speculate) and she’s been our pet since April 6, 1998, when I was nine, about to turn ten. She was around 2 years old when we found her, so that makes her 12-14 today. She still acts like a puppy – it’s adorable.

My mom found her running back and forth across the road and took pity on her. My mom loves small dogs and she couldn’t bear to think of seeing this one get hit by a car. She pulled over and the dog ran right over to her, covered in ticks and pregnant. (Although we didn’t know she was pregnant until after we had her spayed – stupid vet.)

It was love at first sight. Dixie is very loyal to my mother and to the entire family – plus, she’s adorable.