Leave the Duggars Alone!

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar fascinate the American people because they have nineteen children. In a country where the average number of children per family is somewhere around 2.5, 19 is a huge number.

What I don’t understand is why people bash them.

They’re able to take care of all of their children and raise them in a way that honors Jesus Christ. They’re not like the Octomom or Angelina Jolie.

As long as they’re able to take care of their children, why shouldn’t they have more if they want to? It’s not like they’re incapable parents or drug addicts. It’s not like their children are abused, neglected, or starving.

Even though Michelle Duggar’s last pregnancy was very difficult and her youngest little girl Josie nearly died, she still would be open to having more children. How is that a problem for everyone else? If she and her husband are willing to take the risk, then by all means, they should go ahead and take it. Their faith in God pulls them through difficult situations and they trust that God will continue to guide them.

Having a lot of children is a choice, just like adoption, birth control, abortion, or choosing to have only a set number of children.

The Duggars aren’t trying to convert people. As Jim Bob said, they’re not trying to “overpopulate the world.” They’re only following what they believe in and their website has a lot of advice to other families. That’s all it is: advice. It’s not an attempt to convert everybody to what they believe in.

It takes a lot of guts to stick up for your beliefs, no matter what those beliefs may be. I see the Duggars as very brave people, especially since so many see their “convictions” as old-fashioned and illogical.

It’s their choice. Please don’t bash them.

2 thoughts on “Leave the Duggars Alone!

  1. I believe some of the younger children might be neglected because it seems the older children are spending more time raising them than their own parents.

    And their ecological footprint must be huge… and it’s not just them. Similar families (I know I’ve seen at least one other large family on their show) are also leaving a big footprint. The world is getting close to being severely overpopulated and they are only adding to the problem. Parents should be having only two children at the most, one would be better.


    1. I do agree with you that the amount of quality time each child gets from their parents is compromised with so many siblings.

      But… if they choose to have that many children, at least the parents (and/or siblings) are bringing them up to be productive members of society and not thieves, drug addicts, etc.

      There is always some kind of balance – or at least I would hope.

      Thank you for your comment! 🙂


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