Pets, Part I

So this is the newest member of our family…

Her name is Pearl and she’s the Pekingese I mentioned a few entries ago.

She doesn’t have epilepsy, at least that we know of. We think the seizures were caused by topical flea medication, because after the vet told us to bathe her in Palmolive or Dawn, she hasn’t had another seizure, although that may be a coincidence. We’ll see, I guess.

She came from a backyard breeder/puppy mill, so her teeth are very bad and a lot of them need to be extracted; that’s going to be done this Wednesday. We shopped around for different vets and found someone who would do it at a discount.

She has early Stage 2 heartworm, but we’re going to treat that.

We also need to get her spayed.

In essence, this is going to be a big investment on a small dog. But she’s cute, affectionate, cuddly, and she’s getting her pep back. She follows me from room to room and lies at my feet when I’m at the computer.

Pearl is a good pet. I just hope she doesn’t cost us way more than we can afford.