New Plans and Schedule

Because I like making and having schedules, I’ve invented a new one. This is mostly for my reference.

Monday – Friday

8:30AM – 5:30PM: Job search

5:30PM-10:30PM: Write XIII: Epode

Subtract 2 hours for lunch and dinner. Breakfast happens before 8:30AM.

Saturday – Sunday

There’s no time restraints on this. I don’t like to work hour-by-hour; I prefer task-by-task.

1. Revise poetry and submit it to publications, contests, wherever will take it.

2. Revise the series of stories I’m calling PJJO for short (Peter, Jacob, Jonah, and Onan). I found an awesome book that will probably help me with this: The Weekend Novelist Rewrites the Novel by Robert J. Ray.

3. Write XIII: Epode.

So that’s it. But I can always revise it in case something crazy happens.

Either way, my two priorities are (in this order) job search and finishing the XIII series by November 11.

Oh, yeah. And as an addendum to yesterday’s entry, we may be keeping the Pekingese if she doesn’t have any medical conditions that are ueber expensive to fix/control. We took her to the vet today and the blood work results are due back either tomorrow or Friday. My mom named her Pearl.