Backyard Breeding

Two days ago, my mom came home from work with a new dog. This one was a purebred Pekingese, white with some off-white splotches, her coat shaved, and the large eyes and compressed snout that characterize the breed.

I was skeptical. My mom is a sucker for toy dogs (especially Yorkshire Terriers) and she has a tendency to buy/adopt on impulse. It’s how we ended up with the two pets we have now (a Yorkie/Poodle mix and a gray and black tabby cat).

My mom got this Pekingese from a woman who supposedly rescues dogs from puppy mills, backyard breeders, and other less-than-reputable places.

What the woman told my mom about the dog was that

1. She’s six years old
2. She’d been used as a breeding dog by a place that had “gone out of business”
3. She may be going into heat.

Well, Mom was charmed by the dog’s cute face and brought her home. What we found out about the dog was

1. She actually is in heat. (Our floors are a mess – thank God we don’t have carpet anymore!)
2. She will eat her own feces. (Our Lhasa Apso, who died in 2001, had this problem – a lot of dogs do)
3. She isn’t leash-trained. (This wasn’t much of a surprise – most of these “breeding dogs” aren’t accustomed to life outside of a cage)
4. She has epileptic seizures.

I feel very sorry for the poor dog, but I’m angry at both the breeding place where she came from and the lady who gave her to my mom.

I personally think that if you’re going to adopt a dog out to anyone, you should bring it to a vet first, get it spayed/neutered, and attempt to diagnose any medical or personality issues.

I don’t understand why this breeder would breed a dog that has seizures or any other kind of illness. It’s not fair to the dog, its offspring, or the buyer. People who are looking for a fast way to make money should absolutely not breed animals. It’s a form of cruelty.


I am not an advocate of PETA by any means, but I do agree with the above, which they sanction. If you’re looking for an easy way to help animals, you can start by spaying and neutering your own and encouraging your friends and relatives to spay and neuter theirs, too.

*gets off soapbox*