Music Videos as Inspiration for Writing

I love having a soundtrack to go with the story I’m writing. It’s even better when you’re listening to FM radio or Pandora and a song comes on that miraculously fits the scene you’re writing.

I’ve always had the idea in my head that I could base short stories off music videos. Then I’d never be at a loss for inspiration.

I like the way music videos sometimes can tell a mini-story within them. I like Hinder’s “Better Than Me” video even though I don’t care much for the song. It tells a drama-filled story that could easily be the backbone to a novel or a short piece of fiction.

Brand New’s video for “Sic Transit Gloria… Glory Fades” (the video above) is another excellent video; the story is a little bit more difficult to pick out, but it’s there. I’ve wanted to write a story based on the video for some time now.

I believe these music-video-based stories are called “song-fics” which are defined by Wikipedia as “works of fiction interspersed with the lyrics of relevant songs.”

I never put the actual lyrics into my stories (might run into copyright issues and that’s never good); I just write the story as if it was to be the script for the music video.

What music videos do you find inspiring?

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