XIII Word Counts and Deadlines


So I took estimated word counts of every part of the “Antistrophe” of XIII, which is Parts I – XIII. This is what I came out with: (All these numbers are rounded off.)

Part I: 65,000 words
Part II: 12,000 words
Part III: 24,000 words
Part IV: 28,000 words
Part V: 17,000 words
Part VI: 32,000 words
Part VII: 27,000 words
Part VIII: 42,000 words
Part IX: 44,000 words
Part X: 26,000 words
Part XI: 31,000 words
Part XII: 58,000 words
Part XIII: 94,000 (This is an estimate assuming that the unwritten chapters will be around 1,550 words; I’ve only written 4 out of 20 chapters for the part.)

The grand total came to be exactly 500,000 words, which was a wonderfully pure number. That means that if I (or J.) ever seriously want to publish this book, it will split nicely into 5 parts of 100,000 words each – very ideal for the publishing world. Maybe this is a sign!

Here is my list of deadlines that I really want to meet and will push myself to meet:


XIII Part XIII – July 30, 2010
XIII II (Epode) – September 20, 2010 (projected to contain 50 chapters)
XIII Prologue (Strophe) – November 11, 2010 (projected to contain 50 chapters)

The entire writing part will be completely finished (and these projected finish dates allow time for planning days) on 11/11/10, which will be J’s 21st birthday, interestingly enough. I did not plan for the writing to be over on that day, but sometimes things are more than coincidences.

I plan to take the entire month of December 2010 to revise and complete the whole project, which includes the Strophe, the Antistrophe, and the Epode. From November 12 until November 30, I will not look at any part of XIII and will instead focus on my NaNoWriMo novel, which will be nearly halfway done by then, if I focus my efforts and go for the goal. I will. I seriously want to make the 11/11 deadline; then I’ll make a wish on my six years of work! I’ll have been writing XIII in some fashion or other for six years in September!

Ultimately, the final calls on the revisions and whether or not the story should be formally published will go to J. This is essentially his brainchild; I just happened to come along and help him get it out of his head and onto paper.