Restless and The Cross (AKA Matthew and Stephen)


Roxanne Collier’s (Rocky’s) best friend is a ghost she calls Restless. She found him lurking within the walls of her high school one day during her freshman year. Since then, they have grown inseparable, although Rocky has told nobody that Restless exists, even her best friend Anna Bines.

It’s Rocky’s senior year and as she makes preparations for college, she bids farewell to Restless. Anna begins to wonder about Rocky’s distance from her and begins to figure out the mystery behind Restless. By this time, Rocky is so involved with college and a love interest (Levi Lane) that she believes she’s outgrowing Restless.

As the story progresses, two alumni of the high school, known only as Pico and Pablo, meet up with Anna and reveal that they know things about Restless: who he was, why he died, and what he wants. Anna, infuriated that Rocky kept Restless a secret from her for so long, teams up with Pico and Pablo.


Yes, that was my terrible description of Restless, which I wrote in my freshman year of college (Fall 2006). It’s only in first draft form, and I have barely looked at in the almost four years since I’ve written it down. I do plan to go back and look over it again.

I’m changing the title to Matthew, to fit with some religious themes I want to bring into the story. I also want to change it from taking place in Polksboro to taking place in Jekuvia, where all my other stories are set.

I will definitely be writing a second draft of it, although I cannot say when that will be. Right now, XIII is my priority.


In 1998, “Pico” is a fourteen-year-old girl named Maxine Privette. She’s just starting high school and wondering if she will meet up with Austin (Restless). She saw him die when she was only nine years old. Right before his death, he gave her a necklace with a cross pendant and told her to wait for him.

Maxine is rebellious and immediately mixes in with the bad guys around Polk High. She meets her boyfriend Paul Francis and his friend Ricardo.

Maxine also meets up with shy, religious Estelle Robertson, who tells her more about faith and the true meaning of the cross.

Soon Maxine will have to choose between Paul’s and Estelle’s friendship, while Austin waits for her to return his cross.


I wanted to give the “Pico” character a better background; she intrigued me as a person. So I wrote a prologue for Restless, which is known as The Cross, but I will eventually call Stephen.

Again, this is going to take place in Jekuvia High. It’s been through one and a half revisions and I like the storyline, but as you can read from the descriptions, they both need A LOT of work, time, and care before becoming anything suitable for publication.

However, I will not give up! Writing is my big dream and I don’t lose sight of my dreams!

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