XIII (The “Epic”)


Before I even formally start this blog, I want to give credit to my ex-boyfriend, J. Flythe. Even though we have been broken up for over a year now, I still cannot bear to think of him without getting extremely angry. But I do thank him, and always will thank him, for allowing me to work with him on XIII, which was essentially his creation and brainchild. J. gave me the inspiration (and the kick in the pants) I needed to keep writing it.

XIII is difficult to put in a category. It began as manga/anime style writing, but I never pictured the characters that way; I always saw it as though it was a dramatic soap opera type of story.

I guess I could put it in the mythology or fantasy categories, because it involves the Greek pantheon of gods and goddesses; Artemis being the mother of the main character, Tsunami Jonson. It involves fantasy and supernatural elements, but it’s also got romance and action.

It’s currently classified on my FictionPress as a Manga, but the subcategory is Drama/Fantasy. I suppose that’s the closest it will come to having a true classification.

The story involves Tsunami and his girlfriend Naomi Anderson. It starts out with them in high school and how they meet each other, then how they begin to figure out who they are. Other characters are added, but their principle enemy is Damien, who is the son of Hades, who had taken over his father’s realm when Hades was destroyed by Zeus and Artemis.

That’s it in a nutshell. Tsunami and Naomi grow up, go through college, get married, and start a family, but there’s always evil lurking around the corner.

J. and I have given the story many revisions and many different characters, and right now I’m currently working on the final revision, which will contain three main parts:

1. Strophe
2. Antistrophe
3. Epode

Obviously, they’re named after the three parts of a Greek ode. I have not yet written the Strophe part; it explains what happened before Tsunami and Naomi met each other and how the scene was set for them to fall in love.

I’m currently working on Antistrophe, which includes 13 parts. Each part includes five to thirty chapters – and I’m just getting ready to begin Part XIII.

The Epode was first drafted in 2008 and includes fifty chapters. For the revision, I will probably have it contain the same number of chapters, but the plot will be changed to reflect the changes in the Antistrophe.

I’m also working on a soundtrack for the story, which can be found at my LiveJournal. There are various character memes there as well.

I’ve had so much fun with XIII over the more than five years I’ve been working on it, even though I once dubbed it “the bane of my existence.” I hope to someday publish it, even if there end up being only two copies – one for me and one for J.