Soap Operas

From the time I was probably around 10 to when I was about 16 or 17, I would watch the soap opera All My Children with my mother.

I loved it. I loved the crazy things that happened, the drama, and how my mom could predict what would happen next. (She’d been a fan of the show since it first aired in 1970 – before she got married!)

I could sympathize with the characters and I loved so many of them (Kendall, Bianca, Erica, Leo) and hated some of the others (Greenlee, Ryan).

All My Children inspired my writing. To this day, when I’m writing my stories, I see them as if they are soap operas running through my head.

I’d love to get back into watching the show, but I have a strong aversion to television and I’d probably be so lost as to what was going on and which characters were doing what and who was related to who.

There are a number of other shows that remind me of soap operas or that are soap operas – the majority of which I have never seen a single episode.

Daria (I’ve actually seen a few episodes of that one and I absolutely loved it.)
Secret Life of the American Teenager (I feel it would give me inspiration for my stories – or at least I should watch to know which stereotypes have been done to death already – same with Degrassi.)
As Told By Ginger (Broadcast on Nickelodeon, similar to Daria.)

I know there are many others. I’ve always wanted to write for a soap opera – if I could be the next Agnes Nixon that would be awesome. I know how to create dramatic situations, and with enough experience, I could probably start my own soap opera!