Peter, Jacob, Jonah, and Onan

The series started with a dream I had on the night of July 11, 2007. Actually, it was probably during the early-morning hours of that day, but I get confused.

Anyway, that dream was about a girl and her ex-boyfriends and how she knew one of them was the right one for her, but she did not know which one.

That girl became my character Rachel (who I have a love-hate relationship with) and the exes became Peter, Andrew, Jacob, and David.

I started out writing the basic story (which later came to be called Onan) for NaNoWriMo 2008. Originally, it was autobiographical to a fault and contained quite a bit of my own personal information. The writing style was a departure from any other kind of writing I had done before – I wanted to make it more “intelligent.”

What began as one hastily-written, 50K-word novel became four novels – each around the same length. The original, Onan, ended up being the last in a series of four: the three others are (in order) Peter, Jacob, and Jonah.

I like to name my stories (with the exception of XIII) after male biblical characters, then give the title some significance to the novel. Onan and Jonah are not characters in any of my stories – they are biblical names with symbolism intrinsic to the main plot.

Onan was written and completed in November of 2008.
Peter was written and completed in June of 2009.
Jacob was written and completed in April of 2010.
Jonah will hopefully be written and completed in June of 2010.

They are only first drafts, and are not consistent at all; I may even decide to condense them down into one big story or two little stories. I’ve been looking back at my first drafts of them and realized that there are a million ways these stories could go – I’ve got tons of ideas that I can’t wait to use.

I’m eight days into writing Jonah, which is currently on my FictionPress account. I’ve come to realize that if I post stories online where people can see them, I am inspired to write better – both stylistically and in terms of plotting. I’ve got a few people reading it and sending me reviews, so hopefully I’ll get some good feedback and I’ll be able to make the revision really awesome.

I don’t like giving synopses of stories because I’m terrible at summing them up in just a sentence, but here goes:

Peter: Rachel moves to the apocryphal town of Jekuvia and begins her junior year of high school. She meets Peter and Andrew, who change her life.

Jacob: Drama with Peter and Andrew leads Rachel to seek refuge in the arms of Jacob, who has problems of his own.

Jonah: Rachel begins college, meets David, and leaves Jacob… with disastrous results.

Onan: In the conclusion of the series, Rachel makes amends with Andrew, and figures out the reason Jacob is so frightened of Peter.

They’re not good summaries, but those are essentially the main plotlines. There’s so much more I could say about them, but I’ll keep working on them and it will all fall into place!