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Books and a Snippet of Poetry

Five things I want to talk about today:

  1. Chicago Manual of Style
  2. XIII
  3. My poem
  4. Making a website
  5. Henry’s Sisters by Cathy Lamb

First,  the Chicago Manual of Style arrived at my house today. I’m surprised the mailman managed to fit that fat thing in my mailbox! I love it. It came from a college bookstore as a used/for rent book and only has a few highlighter marks in it. Other than that, it’s immaculate. I’m already learning from it and yes, I do plan to be boring and read the entire thing. I paid thirty-odd dollars for it and I’m getting my money’s worth.

Second, XIII. I finished Chapter 3 today, which was about the rock/metal band some of the characters are in. I called the band Beast With Two Backs. When my ex had control over the story, he called it Russian Legion. That’s the trademarked name of a paintball team. I like Beast With Two Backs because not everyone knows that it means the act of sex. It just seemed to fit the band better. I’ve also decided to just leave XIII where it is on FictionPress. The website is easy to use, lets me make chapters, lets me edit, does not have a limit to how much you can post, and is free. The only things that bother me about it is that sometimes there are too many immature kids on there who do not know how to write at all and sometimes the uploader fails, but that’s once in a blue moon.

Third, my poem for today. I named it “Tissue” and it’s really only a scrap made up of two cool images I thought of. I’ll post it:

The tissue melted
against my fingertips
when I touched it
with a wet hand.
A balloon bobbed –
a reflection,
a silhouette
in the glass of the stove.
It could have been
a person’s head
if I had not
turned aside.
The tissue melted
against my tears.

Fourth, I want to have my own website (mostly for job search purposes) on and I’ve got my account on there, but haven’t started the website yet – I’ve been thinking about what kind of content and links I should have on it. I may link to this blog, but I’m not sure yet; I’ll see what happens when I start editing it and messing around with it tomorrow.

Fifth, I’ve been reading an awesome book. (No, I haven’t given up on A Farewell to Arms.) It’s called Henry’s Sisters and is written by Cathy Lamb. My mom recommended it to me, which is odd, because usually she reads the exact opposite of the stuff I read. I picked up the book and could not put it down. It was difficult to drop it to write this blog and as of right now, it’s sitting on my desk and tempting me. The ‘Momma’ character seriously reminds me of my own grandmother and Henry reminds me of Benjy from The Sound and the Fury. The book is tearjerking, hilarious, and reminds me of a Lifetime movie. It’s so heartfelt and written with such care. Cathy Lamb’s style is conversational and unpretentious (this book could easily be turned into a hardcore ‘literary’ type novel, but I think that would have ruined it) and she puts her characters in such terrible situations, it’s a wonder they haven’t totally snapped. In the first twenty pages or so, the characters annoyed me, but I began to feel for them more and more as the book progressed. By around the middle of the book, I was actually crying because of all the terrible things the characters had to go through – very few books make me cry. I haven’t finished it yet, but I might just get it all read tonight. It’s 434 pages long, but I think I can rip right through it.

Now… to read!