Writing Websites, Job Search Websites

I’ve been searching for a new home for XIII – someplace to put it where it can hopefully get more page views, reviews, and critiques. I am considering the following:

  1. Booksie – This seems to be a good choice.
  2. Storywrite – I may use this; it’s simple.
  3. Scribophile – I like the idea that everyone gets good reviews, but you can only post two stories. XIII is a serial.
  4. Worthy of Publishing – This seems to be more for people who really want to get published; I’m not at that stage yet. I may consider using this site in the future, when XIII is polished and ready for publication.

I still have an ethical dilemma with XIII – it is not my creation. I wrote the whole story and designed some of the characters and a bunch of the plot, but the main idea came from my ex-boyfriend, who I no longer speak to. If not for him, I would never have come up with the idea for XIII. I never would have dreamed about writing anything like it.

If it ever gets published, I plan to give him credit for creating it. His name will be on it and he will be given credit. It’s just that I’d rather not talk to him. I have an extreme aversion to him. I suppose that if I really do intend for publication, I should contact him somehow. It would be ethical thing to do.

But I’ve always been worried over the question of who truly owns it. He created it. I wrote every word. He has had no hand in the past seven or eight parts. It’s been completely my work and my ideas, but with his basic plot line and characters.

I think he’s given it up to me. I get the sense that he does not care about it anymore. I have had that sense since we broke up (over a year ago, but we dated for four and a half years). What worries me is that he is copying and pasting it from FictionPress to his own flash drive and will publish it under his own name – passing it off as his own work – when it is not entirely his.

I have been wanting to vent about that situation for a while now. I know that when it is done, I will go through with some basic revisions and let it stand on the Internet for anyone who wants to read it or help correct the flaws in it – and I would love to publicize it.

The basic purpose of XIII was to entertain two bored, crazy high school students (my ex and I) and a small group of our friends (who many of the characters are based on). I would like it to remain on the Internet for future generations of bored, crazy high school students.

In any event…

I updated a list of job search websites with my information, resume, and profile. I began several new job searches, which I will peruse daily. For anyone’s reference, here are the websites I use:

  1. JobLink – useful for blue-collar, lower-income jobs, but perhaps I will find something through there.
  2. Monster – more specifically Monster College – it’s got useful articles, but the search results are often vague
  3. USA Jobs – government jobs
  4. Simply Hired – you don’t upload a resume or really create a profile; it’s more of a search engine where you can save your searches.
  5. Indeed – Very similar to Simply Hired – get more results, not necessarily better
  6. LinkUp – Can be linked to AOL, MySpace, or Facebook accounts. Basically another search engine.
  7. LinkedIn – as my college roommate put it, it’s Facebook for adults. Primarily for networking. Create an account, find people you know, and socialize.
  8. Career Builder – I don’t particularly care for it; the search results are very vague no matter how much I try to refine my search.
  9. Job Finder USA – stores a resume, cover letter, search results, etc. The uploading information process is annoying.

I prefer my school’s job search sites (only accessible to NC State students), which are

  1. ePack – great for internships and finding very specific results around my area
  2. eLeads – specifically for humanities majors – great source of specific results and internships.

So far, I think my best bet will be to find an internship on either ePack or eLeads and build my resume and my network from there. I know I need a lot more experience before I work at a serious career. I have the drive and the intelligence, but lack the experience and that’s what employers need to see – experience before GPA – which is sad. I love my summa cum laude.