After the Job Fair

The job fair went surprisingly well. As I predicted, there were not many jobs there pertaining to what I wanted, but I did ask around and found Novo Nordisk and Talecris, both pharmaceutical companies.

The latter did not have any openings for entry level tech writers, while Novo Nordisk did! I was really surprised. The woman there told me to send my resume to her email address, which I did.

I doubt I will even get an interview with them, but it would be nice if they were willing to train me. Novo Nordisk is not far from where I live at all and they have great benefits.

It’s a step in the right direction!

Note to self: buy new interview clothes and shoes! I need something more comfortable, if that’s even possible.

I wrote the first chapter of XIII: Part XII today and it was mostly just a summary of what happened to my characters in the seven years that passed between the end of Part XI and the start of Part XII. I got all excited about it, and it was a stress reliever before the job fair.

I did end up writing my two poems last night, which were titled, “Number One” and “Bosom.” I’m not too proud of either of them, but as in all my poems, there is one line or a few words I really like. The rest is usually unfiltered crap that I will try to get through in the revision. “Bosom” is like a pastiche (been wanting to use that word) of all the different phrases (nonsensical and stupid) that ran through my head – kind of like a stream of consciousness. “Number One” is about a guy that I’m still infatuated with, but am trying to stop myself from falling for. I’d love to get out of the cliche love poem genre – as my poetry writing teacher said, it’s very difficult to bring fresh ideas and perspectives to a love poem.

Today’s poem was called “Everything I Have” and is dirty. I don’t want to go into exactly how dirty it is, but it is definitely over PG-13.  Most of my poems are based on main ideas that I’ve had in my head for some time and that I’m dying to get out. I think a lot of the poems I write can be consolidated into one big poem or a bunch of bigger poems – a lot of them feel more like scraps than full-fledged poetry.

I have over 1,000 poems written. It’s going to be a real chore trying to find which ones I want to revise and which ones I want to toss. I plan to devote some time to that, hopefully in the near future. I’m looking at hardcore revision and publication. I eventually want to get into the yearly Best American Poetry anthology; that’s my ultimate goal, at least.

A Farewell to Arms is really irritating me. I feel nothing for any of the characters – I want some action to happen. Catherine is really getting on my nerves; she seems so ditzy. I’m over halfway through the book and I plan to finish. Maybe it’ll have a shocker ending or something very compelling in the next few pages.

That seems to be about it. Good night!