XIII Planning and Other Things

My favorite part of today was planning XIII Part XI. I am really looking forward to writing this part; I’ve got 30 chapters worth of awesomeness to write this month. I’m taking one day off writing for my 22nd birthday.

I spent quite some time revising my resume today and with my dad’s help, it’s finally polished. Of course, once I start applying to specific jobs, I’ll tailor it to each job and save it in separate files and keep track of all that good stuff. I’ve got a strategy.

A lot of what my dad said about resumes contradicted what I’ve heard at school and what I’ve heard from the professor for my internship class. I know that everyone will have a different opinion, and I value my dad’s, not only because he’s my father, but because he’s looked over many resumes over the years and he’s hired and fired lots of people, so he knows what’s up.

Overall, it is my choice. I have to make the final decision, and hopefully, it is a well-informed decision.

I can’t believe that in less than two weeks I will be starting to write Jonah, which is the third part of another series of stories I’m writing. The series involves a bunch of crazy high schoolers – just drama and gossip – stuff I’m addicted to and find interesting to write about. All of the stories are in infantile forms, so they’re nowhere near as “refined” as XIII. I’ve only begun this particular series in the fall of 2008, so it’s still fairly new to me. I don’t know the characters as well as I’d like to.

No poems yet – I shall get to them shortly. I have a few ideas scribbled down.

My Chicago Manual of Style still has not arrived – I forgot which state it’s shipping from – well, I’ll just be patient!

I also worked on my portfolio – I’ve got articles I’ve written from my internship, academic papers, two short stories, and four poems. I’ve got my copy of Khnum, my community college’s literary journal, and I’ve got some other goodies in there for employers to look at during the job fair.

I’m hesitant about it, but I know that it won’t hurt to ask and introduce myself to people. It’ll be a big step forward to me in many ways, even if it doesn’t land me a job or even an interview!

I feel like this entry is long enough; I’ve covered about everything and I still have to write my poetry!