After Graduation

I graduated yesterday! It feels so weird; I have literally been in school for almost my entire life and now I’m not. It’s such a sudden change. Onward to the future I go!

I wrote two poems today because I was so busy yesterday that I didn’t get a chance to write my daily verses. My friend suggested I write a proposal poem, so I did.

It is called “Proposal to Sweetboy” and I am actually quite proud of it. “Sweetboy” is a recurring character in my poetry, and obviously the poem is if I were to propose to him, but of course, he’s imaginary.

My second poem turned out to be written more along the lines of a litany. It’s called “Glory Be” and I wanted it to be a mock-religious tribute to the gay and lesbian community, which I am trying to fathom right now. I have nothing against homosexuals whatsoever, but the poem does get a little offensive. The more I read it back over, the more I realized that it might cause offense, so it will be a long time before it sees the light of day again! It will definitely see some revision.

And of course, I wrote my daily chapter of XIII. (Part XI, Chapter 19) It was a scene involving the gods and goddesses of Mount Olympus, who I am very bad at portraying. I guess every writer can put their own spin on Greek mythology. I see Artemis as a petulant girl always asking her father for favors and presents. I don’t think I like Artemis as much as I used to… oh, well.

The chapter was only about 700 words; normally I write an average of 1,200 or so. I love writing long, 2,000-word parts that I can really get lost in. That’s why I love XIII. I really feel like I can become absorbed into writing it. I don’t think I’ve ever felt that way about any of my other stories before.

Someone on FictionPress also left me a review for Part XI – even the tiniest comments can help me out. I love knowing which parts made people laugh, cry, or even curse at the stupidity of the author!

As for my job search, I’ve been scouring my 2007 edition of Writer’s Market (highly recommended for any other aspiring writers out there) and looking for publishing houses in North Carolina that I could potentially work for or even intern with.

I’ve come to the conclusion (this was a joint decision between my father and me) that if I don’t find a paying job right away, it’s fine. I can hopefully snag an internship where I can get good experience and maybe some money. I won’t complain if it’s unpaid – as long as the employer/supervisor is scrupulous and doesn’t have me just running back and forth to the coffee pot and the copy machine all day!

I want to try and use my Facebook account to help me find a job – networking is all-important these days, so hopefully I can find someone to network with. I’ve been finding different publishers’ pages and “liking” them.

These aren’t huge steps, but they’re baby steps. I am technically a baby in the real world, so starting small is better than not making a start at all, I suppose.

That seems to be about all. Good night!