First Blog and a Little About Me

My name is Maggie. I’m graduating summa cum laude from North Carolina State University tomorrow with a BA in English. I plan to get a job in the publishing industry, hopefully working with books. Right now, I’ll be satisfied with an internship or anything that gets me the experience I need to be a great editor. I also aspire to become a published author and poet in the future, but we’ll see what happens!

I started this new blog as a way to keep track of what I’m doing and to hopefully get my name out there.

I’m currently working on four things:

  1. Trying to get a job (revising my resume and cover letter, sending them out, researching the industry, studying The Associated Press Stylebook and The Chicago Manual of Style)
  2. A long series of stories that I’ve been writing since 2004. The series is called XIII and was originally my ex-boyfriend’s idea. I’ve been posting it on my FictionPress account.
  3. Writing and revising poetry so I can send some out to literary magazines. I write one poem every day.
  4. Reading anything I can get my  hands on. I love all books – from classics to crazy pop culture stuff.

I want this blog to be where I can rant and rave about my writing, talk about books, poetry, anything related to writing, and of course, my job search.

Enjoy, and be sure to drop me a line sometime!