I’ve been doing more thinking about writing than actually writing, and I’ve been looking back at several things I’ve written. There isn’t much incentive to start something completely new, mostly because I have zero new ideas, but also because my mind keeps cycling the old stories and characters through my head. They still fascinate me.

So I figure that if I can revisit one (or more?) of them, it might give me more incentive to continue to write (or at least make my existing writing better), and it will make my characters shut up because they will finally get much-needed attention.

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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 203

Let’s Play

Gary gave Lindsey
a strange look.
“Fine,” he said.
“Your loss.”
He set the game out.
Papers and pencils.
Small statues of creatures.
“Gary and I,” my ex-crush said,
“have been playing this game
since middle school.”
This game,” Gary said.
“This exact same game.
And we’re going to add you
as a paladin.”
He grinned at me and handed me
a giant rule book.
“Wanna play? If you don’t,
it’s OK. D and D
can put a lot of people off.”
I examined the rule book,
flipped through its well-loved
pages, and smiled.
I need something to distract me.

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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 202


The two guys I did not know
grabbed controllers
and turned back to the television.
Gary wandered into a dark corner
of the room. I could just make out
a dimly lit cabinet. Gary slid
two boxes off the shelves.
“Are we going to play
Monopoly?” Lindsey asked.
“Something even better,” said Gary.
My ex-crush’s eyes lit up
as he stood, forcing Lindsey
from his lap.
The boys’ enthusiasm was contagious.
Gary lifted the lid of one box slowly,
as if unveiling a present.
Lindsey’s face twitched like she was
fighting back the urge to laugh.
“Dungeons and Dragons? Really?”
She slinked away.

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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 201


Behind the door, I heard them talking.
One voice stood out—
the voice of my ex-crush.
It felt like dreaming
to hear him outside
of my dreams.
Gary opened the door.
Lindsey was there.
My ex-crush.
Two guys I did not know.
I focused on the television
behind everyone.
A video game was frozen
on the screen:
Mario about to jump
inside a pipe
to save the princess.
I wish I could jump
inside a pipe…
but who would save me?
Gary’s hand pressed my back.
“It’s OK,” he whispered.
Lindsey waved
like we were best friends.
She sat
on my ex-crush’s lap.

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