I’ve been doing more thinking about writing than actually writing, and I’ve been looking back at several things I’ve written. There isn’t much incentive to start something completely new, mostly because I have zero new ideas, but also because my mind keeps cycling the old stories and characters through my head. They still fascinate me.

So I figure that if I can revisit one (or more?) of them, it might give me more incentive to continue to write (or at least make my existing writing better), and it will make my characters shut up because they will finally get much-needed attention.

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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 315


I dragged my feet
through the next few days.
For the first time that year,
I wanted school to be over.
When our class came into the library
to do research for the last project
of the year,
my ex-crush was sitting there
(big surprise)
surrounded by a stack of books.
I tried to ignore him,
but it was (still) impossible.
He caught my eye
and gave me a smile
that would have melted my heart
at the start
of the year.
He came up to talk to me
and that was when I see
watching us
from behind the bookshelves.

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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 314

Light Beam

I shut the door behind me
and sat in the mildew-smelling dankness
of the storage building.
Something crawled over my hand,
but I didn’t bother to shake it off.
I fixed my eyes on a slender beam of light
coming through a crack in the wall.
This all seems so pointless.
There’s nothing here.
They’re messing with me.
All of them.
Gary and Lindsey and Maddy and Amanda…
even… him.

I watched dust dance in the light beam
until I heard the bell’s distant B-flat tone
signaling the end of lunch.
There’s nothing here.
I have no answers.
I give up.

I left.

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THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 313


I didn’t want to talk to him.
I didn’t even want to look at him.
His voice became more and more faint
as I escaped it.
I had always thought I would run to that voice…
but clearly
that dream had become worthless.
Before I could stop my feet from moving,
I was standing in front of the storage building.
I pulled the widget out of my backpack,
picked the lock open,
and stared into the darkness inside once more.
Three brand new containers
of insecticide sat on the floor,
enough for all the athletic fields.
It was meaningless.

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